Afford to or ing

The -ing in the following example sentences is bolded, and the full relative clause is italicized: Aug 28, 2021 · Definition of afford. A member of the Law Society rose to speak about his tireless work to create some form of legal aid for those who couldnt afford to hire a lawyer to defend themselves

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  1. My parents cant even afford a new refrigerator
  2. unable to afford 214
  3. Re: can affor + to / ~ing
  4. The people who suffer most are those who can least afford to lose
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  6. For example, “She’s dedicated to helping the poor
  7. competitive
  8. [~ + to + verb] We cant afford to take the chance
  9. Mis padres no pueden permitirse el lujo de unas vacaciones cada año
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  11. fail
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